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Paekalda Water Sports and Activities Center

The Paekalda Water Sports and Activities Center is located in Harju County, by the Rummu quarry lake, right on its shores. The lake is known both for its crystal clear water (which earned the lake the nickname “Light Blue Lagoon”) and for its exceptionally fascinating history.

The range of activities offered in the center is wide. It includes diving, snorkeling, paddle surfing (SUP boards), fun rides on rafts, water trips with canoes and rafts, hiking with electric Fatbike mountain bikes, water sports equipment rental, diving equipment and raft rental, raft sauna, guide services on land and water, diving training and much more.

In addition to the active activity program, we offer the event in the new floating sauna complex on the water, which also includes a hot tub, a floating terrace covered with shadows, and accommodation on the shore in the wagon campings. For larger groups, Paekalda Holiday Center offers a party venue. We have excellent opportunities for organizing a fun and adventure-filled summer day for groups.

We are located 20 minutes from the city of Keila and 45 minutes from Tallinn.

About quarry lake and underwater world

Quarry behind prison „Murru“ was once completely dry. It was Estonian most popular limestone quarry. Main workers were the prisoners of „Murru“ who worked hard from early mornings to late evenings. When Estonia became independent, demand for the limestone decreased, there were new laws that made people do rearrangements and set limits to prisoners working and there was no need to keep the whole quarry dry anymore. Some pumps were shut down and part of the quarry drowned. It happened so fast, that many machines were left behind and are now sightseeings under the water.
Southern side of the quarry was kept dry, in order to keep the buildings and guarding roads that belonged to the prison, from drowning. When the „Murru“ prison got its new eastern boarder, it became unnessecary to keep the last pumps working so they were shut down also. Whole quarry was quickly filled with clean groundwater, that left many abandoned old prison buildings and fences under it. Nowdays nearly everything under water is as it was left before the water came. This multifarious world under water is like a unique museum, that has made the lake the most popular destination for Estonian divers.

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How can you find us

Paekalda Holiday resort is situated in Vasalemma parish, on the south shore of Rummu Quarry lake (about 50 km from Tallinn). Journey to us: when coming from Tallinn drive along old Keila- Haapsalu road towards Vasalemma. Cross the Vasalemma bridge and turn left from the Riisipere/Munalaskme crossroad. Drive for few hundred meters and take the first road to the right (small forest road). After few kilometers You`ll see Paekalda Holiday houses.



+372 580 70700