E-Bike tours in Narva-Jõesuu


E-Bike tours in Narva-Jõesuu

The historic resort town of Narva-Jõesuu (nicknamed North-Riviera) is known for its beautiful sandy beach, which is the longest in Estonia. Long ago, the upper class of St. Petersburg used to go there on sanatorium holidays, and even today there are several spa hotels operating there. In addition to the beautiful sea view, you can admire the buildings decorated with wooden lace, enjoy the silence and greenery of the pine forest, and look across the Narva River to the neighboring country Russia. Driving along the paths along the river, we see the authentic lifestyle of a fishing village.

The hike starts from Narva – Jõesuu beach. This trip is suitable for adults at all fitness levels and children from 12 years of age.

The tour includes:

  • Tour guide
  • Electric Fatbike mountain bike
  • Safe and comfortable Cube bike helmet
  • In case of bad weather, a raincoat
  • A light sweet hiking snack
  • A bike lamp for evening hikes
  • Difficulty – easy

Additional options:

  • Camp catering
  • Training and seminar rooms
  • Accommodation
  • Visit to Narva Castle
  • Visit to the SPA and sauna center

Clothing: We recommend wearing windproof layered clothing appropriate for the weather and comfortable shoes with strong soles. In case of rainy weather, wear waterproof clothes and shoes. In cooler weather, take a hat that fits under the helmet and definitely don’t forget gloves.

Moments from the hikes

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