Hikes with electric Fatbike bikes and scooters all across Estonia

Hikes with electric Fatbike bikes and scooters

Exciting hikes all over Estonia



E-Bike tour on the paths of Rummu Quarry, Murru prison and Padise monastery

Rummu Quarry is very exciting and special place only 45 minutes from Tallinn. Here, beautiful nature and somewhat dark history meet. An old limestone mine has turned into a lake with crystal clear water, at the bottom of which is a unique underwater world with forests, cliffs, prison ruins and mining equipment. On the shore of the quarry rises the famous Rummu Ash Mountain and the abandoned Murru prison. Only a few kilometers away from the quarry is the historic Padise monastery, a hill fort and beautiful trails in the pine forest. This hiking trail is without a doubt one of the most diverse bike tours, where in a couple of hours we can see very different places in their beauty and charm and perceive the genuine contrasts.

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E-Bike tour on the paths of Kõrvemaa

The Põhja-Kõrvemaa landscape protection area and the areas bordering it offer an exceptionally beautiful natural environment, which seems to have been created for hiking. With electric mountain bikes, exploring the area is easier and more enjoyable than ever before. We have prepared an exciting, versatile bike path, through which we can see rustling forests, beautiful bog lakes, and a unique heath landscape.

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E-Bike tour on the military island Naissaar

Naissaar is only about a kilometer away from Tallinn. The island has beautiful long beaches with white sand, exciting forest trails (where we have found blueberries, lingonberries and chanterelles) and of course various ruins of military facilities, for which the island is known. Due to its location, Naissaar has had an important defensive function over the centuries. During the reign of Peter the First, an artillery battery was built to block the access to Tallinn from the Gulf of Finland with cannon fire. In the southern part of the island, you will find an abandoned Soviet-era mine factory, as well as a heritage narrow-gauge railway from the time when the island was in the possession of the Soviet military.

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E-Bike tour on the seaside trails of Laulasmaa, Lohusalu and Keila-Joa

Laulasmaa, Lohusalu and Keila-Joa is an area worth exploring. As we hike along the coastal hiking trail, wonderful views of the seashore, mangrove forests, and bank coasts open up to us. Meremõisa camping area and the old cottage area are on the way, where it is good to explore the architecture of that time. One of the highlights of the trail is reaching Keila – Joa manor park, where beautiful nature, a historical castle with wonderful architecture and the legendary and unique Keila-Joa with its beautiful waterfall await us.

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E-Bike tour on Narva-Jõesuu trails

The historic resort town of Narva-Jõesuu (nicknamed North-Riviera) is known for its beautiful sandy beach, which is the longest in Estonia. Long ago, the upper class of St. Petersburg used to go there on sanatorium holidays, and even today there are several spa hotels operating there. In addition to the beautiful sea view, you can admire the buildings decorated with wooden lace, enjoy the silence and greenery of the pine forest, and look across the Narva River to the neighboring country of Russia. Ride along the riverside trails

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E-Bike tour on the adventure landscape of the Aidu quarry

Aidu quarry is one of the most unique artificial landscapes in our country. It is an old oil shale quarry, where the work has now been completed and the mining areas have been replaced by beautiful lakes and mountains, where nature is quietly taking over again between the gravel hills. There we can find rocky descents, forest trails and many enchanting views. E-bike mountain bikes are the best way to explore this area.

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E-Bike tour in Haapsalu

Haapsalu is a town that deserves to be discovered. The bishop’s castle, the beautiful beach promenade, Suur and Väike Viik, wonderful wooden lace architecture and the old town – we will take you to discover it all on electric bikes. Go find out, maybe you’ll manage to meet the White Lady too…


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E-Bike tour in the old town of Tallinn and by the sea

Tallinn has the best preserved old town in Northern Europe. The network of streets and plot boundaries developed in the 11th-15th centuries, as well as all the most important representative and sacral buildings erected at that time, have been preserved in their medieval form and provide a good opportunity to travel back in time. We will take you to explore Tallinn with electric Fatbike scooters

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What is E-Bike?

Mountain bikes with an electric motor are the newest and increasingly popular trend in the world of bike touring. The electric motor makes movement extremely easy and does not require much physical effort from the rider. Extra wide all-terrain tires help to overcome even more difficult terrain conditions, and hikes can be organized in any weather. The speed can be developed up to 25 km/h, and in a shorter time you can see much more exciting things than you are used to.

We use two types of electric bikes – on a scooter frame and on a regular frame. Scooters move at the touch of a finger (of course, if you wish, you can also use them by pushing with your foot as usual), wheels with a normal frame have a motor to support the rider and make cranking extremely easy and efficient. Both bikes have extra-thick tires, with which we can easily and carelessly cover all trails. The bike tour is suitable for adults of all ages and children from 12 years of age.

If you want to book a hike at a suitable time for your group, contact us and we will find a suitable time. However, if you cannot find a large enough group, but would still like to take part in a great adventure, register for our planned hike. You can find additional information about planned activities in our calendar.

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