Diving in Rummu Quarry

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Introdiving and snorkeling in Rummu Quarry

We will take you on an adventure into the depths of the Rummu Quarry!

Diving is a great pastime that does not require a lot of physical effort or special skills, but it does offer unforgettable experiences. To enjoy this activity, you do not need to have experienced diving before, it is also suitable for a complete beginner. All our packages include full equipment and take place safely under the guidance of instructors – you just come and enjoy!

For those who, for some reason, are not inclined to really dive, we offer the opportunity to be part of the charms of the underwater world without going under the water, while being able to snorkel in full equipment.

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Equipment, raft and other services for licensed divers

Come dive with us – good company and comfortable conditions await!

We offer everything necessary for a licensed diver and make sure that divers always get the best experience at the Rummu quarry. Throughout the year, joint trips of divers with diving rafts take place in Paekalda, during which the best diving spots in Rummu are visited together. Of course, you can also rent equipment and order a guide, and after diving you can use the showers and enjoy a nice hot sauna.

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Rummu Diving courses

Your journey from beginner to Divemaster starts here!
In Paekalda, there is a diving school under the guidance of professional instructors, where you can safely start your diving journey from the very beginning and also take advanced courses.

What makes Paekalda diving school courses special is that both theory and water lessons take place conveniently in one place in the divers’ paradise Rummu quarry in Paekalda, and the teaching is fast and intensive. We do OWD exam dives with a raft in the most exciting diving spots in Rummu. Faster is the possibility to receive “license” in just one weekend.


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