Introdiving and snorkeling in Rummu Quarry

Introdiving and snorkeling in Rummu Quarry


Introdiving and snorkeling in Rummu Quarry


We will take you on an adventure into the depths of the waters of the Rummu Quarry!

Rummu Quarry is a true diver’s paradise with its crystal clear water and diverse lakebed. Diving is a great hobby that doesn’t require a lot of physical effort or special skills, but it relaxes, relieves tension and offers unforgettable experiences. To enjoy this activity, you do not need to have experienced diving before, it is also suitable for a complete beginner. All technical work is done by professional instructors.

For those who for some reason are not inclined to really dive, we offer the opportunity to snorkel. In this activity, you do not go deep under water, but swim close to the surface, becoming part of the charms of the underwater world. using a snorkel mask.
All our packages include full equipment and take place safely under the guidance of instructors.

Choice of diving and snorkeling services:

  • Big raft program with diving, sauna, SUP 4 h 99.-
  • Introdiving package with raft ride 79.-
  • Introdives in to thw fish country from the boat bridge 59.-
  • Snorkeling package with raft ride 40.-

All activities take place with professional instructors.

Additional options:

  • Saunas
  • Accommodation
  • Catering and party rooms for groups

How to prepare?

Bring your swimming clothes, a towel and warm clothes for afterwards (a hat is also recommended for divers, as it is good to keep your ears warm afterwards). We take care of everything else!

Moments from diving and snorkeling

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