Accommodation, buildings and saunas

At Paekalda, we can find suitable rooms for every group!

We have large party rooms, unique barrel campings, cozy sauna cabins – everyone can find something suitable

Accommodation and buildings


Main complex / Entire complex rent

For larger gatherings, we recommend renting either the Main Complex of Paekalda Holiday Center or the entire area (Main Complex + Raft sauna Complex) at the same time, depending on the number of participants.
Indoors, we have 63 separate beds in the main complex, 120+ with the raft sauna complex. We can accommodate events with approx. 200 guests in the party hall, tents and summer terraces. The complex is ideal for organizing summer days, winter days, seminars and other similar events.

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Lake House with Fishermen Houses

Lake House is a larger log cabin with a sauna, which is suitable separately for groups of up to 25 participants or as a sauna cabin for a larger group that has rented the complex. The house is located right by the lake, 20 meters from the shore, and the windows offer a wonderful view of the lake.

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Hunter Houses

There are two Hunter Houses in the Paekalda Holiday Center. These are cozy log cabins with a sauna, which are suitable for smaller gatherings, sauna evenings with family and good friends. One of the cabins can accommodate up to 8, the other up to 12 guests.

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Boatshed hall / seminar hall with summer terrace

The largest indoor space in Paekalda is the Boatshed hall / seminar hall with a summer terrace. This building complex is located right by the lake, a few meters from the shore.
The house is suitable for organizing seminars and trainings as well as for summer days and other larger parties.

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Paekalda peotelk

Big party tent

For larger gatherings, you can rent a large romantic sail tent with a wooden floor in Paekalda. It protects guests even in more difficult weather conditions. It is possible to use transparent walls in the tent, which preserve the spaciousness and being close to nature. It is also an ideal place to set up a band stage – the 250m2 wooden terrace under the tent can also withstand faster dance steps. It is possible to book a tent and a terrace with the main complex.


Barrel campings

Paekalda has a unique opportunity to stay in a campings on the water. The end wall of the camping is made of glass, which gives the feeling as if you are spending the night in the middle of nature. It offers a wonderful view of the lake and the evening sunset.
In the grove, there are barbecue areas for preparing dinner and making a fire. There are 5 campsites in total, each cabin can accommodate 2 adults and 1 child.

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Raft sauna "Puravik"

The raft sauna “Puravik” is the newest sauna on the water in Paekalda. “Puravik” is located with a small terrace next to the boat bridge of the main complex and is a true paradise for sauna connoisseurs.

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On-water raft sauna complex

In Paekalda Holiday Center, a little away from the main complex, there is a exciting and special raft sauna complex, which is perfect for organizing an exciting company party or gathering in a new way.
A floating terrace connected to the sauna, with seats for up to 25 guests and where there is also a large heated hot tub – together it forms a unique and special party place on the water.
NB! The raft sauna complex is not included in the rent of the Paekalda Holiday Center complex. Guests of the Paekalda Holiday Center can rent the raft sauna complex of the Adventure Center in addition to the main complex.

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