Activities on land and water


Discover the magic of Rummu by activities above and unded the water

Tutvu võimalustega


Welcome to the future - Electric bike tours on quarry trails

We will organize an exciting and memorable electric bike trip for you. Riding a Fatbike bike/scooter powered by an electric motor is affordable for everyone – the silent electric motor does most of the work and the hiker can focus his energy on exploring the surroundings. During the hikes, we go on hiking trails winding around the Rummu quarry, we visit unique and special places, as well as the famous Rummu Tuhamägi and the area of ​​the prison walls. On some hikes, we also take an exciting tour of the old buildings of the Murru prison. If you want to book a hike at a suitable time for your group, contact us and we will find a suitable time. However, if you cannot find a large enough group, but would still like to take part in a great adventure, register for our planned hike.

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Light hikes with lanterns to Murru prison

The trails surrounding the hub quarry are ideal for organizing an exciting hike, where a mysterious lantern glow adds light to the evening twilight. During the hike, depending on the chosen trail, we will venture along the hiking trails along the shore of the Rummu quarry, the Rummu Tuhamägi and the area of ​​the prison walls. On some hikes, we also take an exciting excursion by lantern light in the old buildings of the Murru prison or in the historic Padise monastery. The lantern light gives the already mysterious areas a special mystical look and everything looks completely different than during the day.

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Lighted raft tours on Rummu Quarry

We will take you to explore the water depths of the Rummu quarry at dusk with a lighted bottom motor raft and/or rubber rafts. These trips are ideal for anyone who wants to spend an evening exploring the nocturnal Rummu Quarry. You can sit comfortably on the raft and enjoy the views while the raft travels around the lake. However, if you are interested in moving the oars yourself, you can go on a trip with lighted rubber rafts. In the darkness of night, we get to know the underwater prison ruins, the sunken forest and other exciting things that lie in the depths of the water. With the help of lighting, we can see the lake from a completely different side than we are used to during the day.

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SUP board trip in Rummu Quarry with a visit to Ash Mountain

Gliding across the Rummu Quarry with a SUP board is pure joy. It is a relaxing activity that, after a little practice, is within the reach of most people. There are both standard SUP boards (40 + pcs) and large XXL boards that can fit the whole family at the same time. If you want a program for your own SUP-hike event, feel free to let us know and we’ll start planning.

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Water hike to Ash Mountain with rafts and canoes

Rafting and canoeing are fun team activities that everyone can afford. We organize raft and canoe trips with different structures in Rummu Quarry, where we go over the underwater world and as a stopover you can also visit the famous Rummu Ash Mountain and the area of ​​the prison walls. On some hikes, we also take an exciting tour of the old buildings of the Murru prison. Also ideal for an event with 100 participants. If you want to book a hike at a time suitable for your group, contact us and we will start planning.

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Diving and snorkeling in Rummu Quarry

We will take you on an adventure into the depths of the Rummu Quarry!

Diving is a great pastime that does not require a lot of physical effort or special skills, but it does offer unforgettable experiences. To enjoy this activity, you do not need to have experienced diving before, it is also suitable for a complete beginner. All our packages include full equipment and take place safely under the guidance of instructors – you just come and enjoy!
For those who, for some reason, do not really like to dive, we offer the opportunity to snorkel in full equipment without going under the water, and part of the charms of the underwater world.

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Sauna rally with ice hole and hot tub

Paekalda Holiday Center has a new and powerful raft sauna complex on the ice, which is frozen in the ice at the boat bridge of the main complex for the winter and is undoubtedly the hit of our winter events. The ice sauna complex includes:

  • A raft sauna in a winter style in the middle of the Rummu quarry lake, a spacious steam room, anteroom and a lit terrace
  • An ice hole right in front of the sauna, where you can cool off after a hot steam
  • A large hot tub filled with hot water on the ice sauna terrace

Right next to the ice sauna complex, there is also an ice rink with skate rentals, an ice terrace and an ice track for ATVs and UTVs. All this together forms an ideal whole to furnish the active program of a winter company party or seminar in a memorable and exciting way.

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Workshops and crafts

We offer workshops and crafts for every taste, some options:

  • Ceramics workshop
  • Making dream catchers
  • Home cosmetics workshop
  • Soap making
  • Decorating a shopping bag
  • Making candles
  • Making a glass mosaic
  • Silk painting

If something interests you, let us know your preferences and the number of participants and we will make an offer.


Team building games

In cooperation with partners, we organize teamwork activities for groups in the surrounding landscape and indoors. In addition to active activities and entertainment, teamwork plays an important role in all activities. The games take place all year round, even in the dark, the languages ​​of the game are: Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish. The organizer provides the preparation, execution, prize, all necessary equipment and equipment and additional equipment to reduce weather risks: rain capes, smart gloves, ice soles, etc. Some examples: Moviefestival, Loqyuiz, Robot Wars, No Easy Day, Treasure Hunt and many other games. Ask for more!


Evening program

After a busy and adventurous day, it’s worth directing the remaining energy to the dance floor. For the dance night, you can order a DJ from Cuba, who will teach you dance steps as part of a fun dance class, and then heat up the dance floor with southern rhythms, against which you can practice what you have learned until late at night. You can choose both a simpler disco and a video disco, and you can also take dance lessons.


Children's program

If you plan to organize an event in which children are also involved, we will be happy to help put together a program for the little guests as well.
The wonderful Pipi Pikksukk operates in Paekalda Holiday Center, who you can invite to your party and who then makes sure that the children have a fun and meaningful day. Contact us and together we will put together a program suitable for your event.

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