House rules

Our house rules

Pacta sunt servanda


Booking is confirmed after the confirmation payment in an amount agreed between Paekalda and customer.
Booking confirmation sum is not refundable in case of cancellation.


1. Check-in starts from 16.00 on the arriving day given that Client has paid whole rent sum. Rooms must be vacated until 11.00 on the last day of rental period. Other times can be agreed upon a separate agreement.
2. Number of people in the rooms and territory of Paekalda must be fixed before arriving and it can not be more than agreed previously between the Client and Paekalda (hereinafter also called a Renter). In case of unfollowing this rule Renter has a right to end the contract.
3. Client is responsible for the people in his/her group.
4. Rooms and territory must be returned in same condition as they were while handed over to the Client. Client must enable the Renter to check the rooms and territory before leaving.
5. Client must use the territory, rooms and belongings of Paekalda in good will.
Please note that Client is responsible for damages that occur by his/her fault or by fault of the persons that Client is responsible of and that Client is obliged to pay for it.
6. Clients can use the dishes of Paekalda, but they must be cleaned and placed back on their original location before leaving.
7. Pets are not allowed in Paekalda.
8. Client has an obligation to compensate the costs of extra cleaning services if those services are necessary in cause of unfollowing the house rules.
9. Client is not allowed to rent rooms and territory of Paekalda Holiday Houses to third parties.

10. In Paekalda it is forbidden :
• any kind of activity that may be dangerous to clients themselves and also to other people on the territory
• smoking indoors
• placing cigarettes and trash on the ground
• burning candles indoors and also on the wooden surfaces of the territory
• making a fire on the places that are not made for this
• walking indoors with outdoor footgear
• using aromatic oils in the sauna
• using blankets-pillows without bedlinens (all bed-linens are given by Paekalda)
• rearranging furniture in the houses and taking objects out from the houses
• making any damage to the rooms and territory
10. Please handle the keys with care. Fee for a lost key is 50 euros.
11. Paekalda Holiday Houses is not responsible for personal belongings of Client.
On the territory and rooms of Paekalda Client must follow the laws and rules of Estonia, internal rules of Paekalda and legal demands of the police and Renter. In case of unfollowing the law and /or the event goes out of order (vandalism, damaging belongigs, endangering others etc) the Renter has a right to end the contract immediately and send away the quests without making repayments.
In case of any questions please contact: +372 5289472.

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