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Booking conditions

The reservation becomes effective upon timely payment of the advance payment (in the case of state institutions upon receipt of the letter of guarantee).
In the case of legal entities, the amount of the advance payment is, as a rule, 50% of the cost of the premises, in the case of private individuals, the amount of the deposit is personally agreed upon.
The reservation confirmation fee is not refundable if the cancellation is for reasons beyond Paekalda Holiday Center control.
If the event is canceled less than 7 days before the event date, the entire amount of the reservation, including meals and additional services, is due.


Paekalda Holiday Center booking conditions

Lovely guest! We are sincerely glad that you want to organize the event at the Paekalda Holiday Center!

These booking conditions are valid between the booker (hereinafter the Client) and Paekalda Puhkekeskus (hereinafter the Puhkekeskus) and are an integral part of the rental agreement concluded with the reservation.

General conditions

1. Receiving an offer does not confirm reservation. To confirm reservations, it is necessary to pay a reservation fee of
50% of the cost of the reserved rooms, which is non-refundable in case of cancellation.
2. When renting premises to private individuals, a deposit is applied (will be returned after the event, if the premises
are returned in good condition. In case of violations, Puhkekeskus has the right to deduct the amount.
3. All details related to the event, including the menu, schedule and activities, must be agreed no later than 14 days
before the event. The number of participants, including catering and leisure activities, will be confirmed no later than
7 days before the event, regarding to which a final invoice will be issued . Later changes are not possible.

4. If not agreed otherwise the entire event must be 100% paid for before the start (except for state institutions)
5. The rental times of the entire complex are from 14:00 on the day of arrival (14:00 use of the terrace and outdoor
area, 16:00 accommodation rooms) until 11:00 on the day of departure. All preparation and follow-up activities
should also fit into this time.
6. Number of guests can not exceed the number that was previously agreed upon making the reservation
7. The premises and territory must be returned in the same condition as when they were given to the Client.
8. There is no option to accommodate pets in the recreation center. Exceptions are only possible with prior agreement
and under agreed conditions
9. There is video surveillance on the outside territory of Paekalda. The recordings are not allowed in private hands, they
are analyzed only if necessary and in case of incidents by the company's board, the Estonian Police or a security
10. There is a small public swimming area and activity center near to the holiday center. This area is not part of the
whole complex rent and there may be people there during daytime.

11. The advance payment paid to confirm the reservation is not refundable in case of cancellation
12. By notifying the cancellation up to 60 days before the start of the reservation period, it is possible to use the
advance payment to book another date within 1 year from the receipt of the advance payment
13. By notifying the cancellation 7 days or less before the start of the reservation period, the entire reservation amount is
due, including the ordered additional services.
14. Puhkekeskus is not entitled to cancel a reservation if an advance payment is received. If Puhkekeskus fails to ensure
the rented object, Puhkekeskus shall return to the Client the advance payment in full amount. In case of cancellation
by Puhkekeskus, Puhkekeskus will also cover all documented direct expenses related to the cancellation of Client’s
event, such as organizing the entertainment, transport for employees etc except if cancellation is due to force
majeure (incl. national restrictions from the government, the destruction of Puhkekeskus buildings etc)

Catering and other additional services
15. At Paekalda Puhkekeskus, we offer meals and drinks for groups. Exceptions only with prior agreement and under
agreed conditions (extra charge applies).
16. Development of sustainable tourism is important for Paekalda. Therefore, we ask you not to use single-use plastic
dishes and cups on the territory of the recreation center.
17. Together with Paekalda Puhkekeskus operates the Elamuskeskus, which offers a diverse selection of different active
activities and team activities. The same services that are available at Paekalda Elamuskeskus cannot be offered by
other service providers in our territory
18. Additional services ordered from third parties and related details must be coordinated with Paekalda in advance. In
the case of such additional services, the service provider is obliged to carry out all clean-up work and other follow-up
activities related to the provided service at the end of the event, including waste management
19. Electric heat radiators or other devices with high electricity consumption brought by the Client/third party may not
be used in the recreation center without prior agreement
20. It is not possible to participate in our hikes while under the influence of alcohol.
Music and the peace of the night
21. Houses have small music players/speakers for background music
22. The use of brought sound amplifiers and other equipment is allowed only with prior agreement
23. It is possible to play music outside territory and use microphones only if the entire complex including all campsites on
the water is booked by the same group
24. Speakers can be directed towards the yard (not towards the lake)

25. It is possible for Client to place the band stage under the big party tent
26. The official night peace starts at 23:00 (00:00 in the summer), after which it is not allowed to use heavy sound
equipment outside or make noise that could disturb other visitors and the neighborhood.
27. After the night peace, it is possible to listen to background music at a reasonable sound level inside the Boathouse,
facing the hall, with the doors and glass doors closed.
The following is not allowed on the territory of Paekalda:
• indoor smoking, hookah smoking indoors and on the wooden surfaces outside
(when smoking outside in designated area, please place cigarette leftovers to an ashtray)
• burning outdoor candles and other open fire on wooden surfaces (stairs, terrace, boat deck, furniture)
• making a fire in a place not intended for it (the sauna trees near the houses are not for making fires, and the
barbecue tubs are not meant for bonfires)
• staying indoors with outdoor shoes (except for the Boathouse Hall)- let`s keep the rooms clean
• use of beds, blankets and pillows without putting bedclothes on them (bedclothes are provided by the Puhkekeskus
• Moving and rearranging furniture without prior agreement and is not allowed. If the Client wants to change the
arrangement of the furniture (tables, benches), the previous situation needs to be restored at the latest before
leaving. Our furniture is solid wood and heavy, it can be moved only by lifting (dragging is prohibited). If such a
service is requested by Paekalda, it is possible with prior agreement for an additional charge
• Interior furniture and house inventory are not allowed to be taken outside.
28. If guests have smoked indoors, polluted the premises/territory (including happenings from excessive alcohol
consumption like vomiting ) or violated other points of the internal rules, a compensation of 200 euro per violation
applies. In this case, the Client also needs to compensate costs for the additional cleaning service and
replacement/restoration of damaged inventory according to evidences.
29. Dishes found in the buildings of Paekalda can be used, they should be cleaned and positioned back to their original
place before leaving. The same rule applies to grill accessories
30. Puhkekeskus is not responsible for the property belonging to the Client. Before leaving, please make sure that you
have taken everything you need with you.
31. Items, food, drinks and other items left at the recreation center will be disposed of after the event.
32. Keep the keys entrusted to you carefully! In case of a lost key, the compensation is 50 euros/a key
33. The client undertakes to treat the property of the Paekalda for his use in a prudent manner. In case of any damage,
the Client is obliged to compensate it. The client is also responsible for the actions of other participants in the event,
as well as third party services ordered by them.
In the buildings and territory of the Paekalda Holiday Center, the Client needs to follow these rules of procedure, the
legislation of the Republic of Estonia, good practice and the legal orders of the representative. In case of non-
observance of the mentioned point and/or if the event goes out of control, the representative of the Paekalda has
the right to immediately terminate the event without making any refunds.

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