Main complex rent / Whole complex rent

Main complex rent / Whole complex rent


Main complex rent


Main complex only for You!

For an event with up to 60 people, we recommend renting the entire main complex of Paekalda, for larger groups also the raft sauna complex, i.e. the entire area.
Indoors, we have a total of 63 separate beds in the main complex, in addition to cabins and campsites, and such a group can also fit nicely in the Boatshed hall and on the terrace.
As already mentioned, our options are not limited to up to 60 guests – if the group is larger, a large party tent can be added to the main complex and, if necessary, also a raft sauna complex, which provides a larger floating sauna with a terrace and additional accommodation for gatherings (see more).

To request an offer, contact us and together we will put together the most suitable solution for your company.


The rent of the main complex of Paekalda Holiday Center includes:

  • Boatshed party and seminar hall with summer terrace
  • Lake House with a spacious wood-burning sauna
  • Hunter Houses
  • Fisherman Houses
  • Barrel campings on the water
  • Outdoor area and ball courts
  • Boat bridge for swimming
  • 63 beds

Additional options:

  • Raft sauna “Puravik”
  • Hot tub with bubbles and lighting
  • Large party tent
  • Catering
  • Active activities for every taste
  • Rent of a large raft sauna complex

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