Experience-accommodation and saunas

Wow-experience accommodation and saunas

Unforgettable memories!


Raft sauna complex

Paekalda’s large raft sauna with a floating terrace is well suited for organizing memorable sauna parties, summer days and gatherings. The raft sauna has a spacious steam room and anteroom for changing clothes, in addition, there is a floating terrace connected to the sauna with seats for up to 25 guests – together these rooms form a unique and special party place on the water. From the hot steam room, you can jump directly into the warming lake, and after sauna, it is good to enjoy the evening either on the floating terrace or in the heated party wagon, depending on the weather.

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Accommodation in wagon camping

An ideal stopover for hikers!

In Paekalda, there is an opportunity to stay in exciting camping wagons located on the shore of the lake. The rooms are built as coupes, and each room can accommodate up to 4 people in bunk beds.
The wagons are a suitable stop for hikers, families and nature lovers, as well as those looking for affordable and comfortable accommodation right on the banks of Rummu Quarry.

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Puravik-kamping2 Paekalda Rummu Karjäär

Wow-experience accommodation in "Puravik" barrels on the water

Fall asleep to the lapping of the waves!

From the summer of 2023, new, slightly larger and more comfortable campings on the water will also be available. They have one large bed and also extra beds for children. Each campsite has its own small terrace on the water, from which you can go swimming from the ladder. There is a small fridge in the cabins, so feel free to take your groceries with you. In the grove, there are barbecue areas for preparing dinner and making a fire.


Wow-experience accommodation in barrel campings

Welcome to our barrel campings in Rummu Quarry.
These are our first on-water accommodations. There are 5 campsites in total, each cabin can accommodate up to 2 adults and 1 child. The end wall of the campsite is made of glass, which gives the feeling as if you are spending the night in the middle of nature. It offers a wonderful view of the lake and the evening sunset. In the grove, there are barbecue areas for preparing dinner and making a fire.
In barrel camping, a gift card from kingitus.ee is also valid.

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