SUP board hikes in Rummu Quarry

SUP board hikes in Rummu Quarry


SUP board hikes in Rummu Quarry


Gliding across the Rummu Quarry with a SUP board is pure joy. It is a relaxing activity that, after a little practice, is within the reach of most people. At Paekalda, there are both regular and large XXL tables, which can accommodate the whole family at the same time. If you want to book a hike at a suitable time for your group, contact us and we will find a suitable time. However, if you cannot find a large enough group, but would still like to take part in a great hike, register for our planned hike.

Selection of SUP board hikes:

  • SUP hikes for groups at a time chosen by the customer
  • Open SUP hikes at specific times
  • SUP hike with raft ride and a visit to Ash Mountain (3 h program)
  • Independent SUP hike (rental equipment)
  • XL SUP board rental for couples, families and small groups

Additional options:

  • Calypso and slippers
  • Hourly sauna
  • Accommodation
  • Catering and party rooms for groups

Recommendations: We always recommend wearing clothes and shoes suitable for the weather and the chosen activity. In the summertime, we definitely recommend bringing swimming clothes and a towel, as you often want to take a little dip after a pleasant water trip. If a towel is left behind, it can also be rented from Paekalda

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