Lighted raft hikes


Lighted raft hikes


We will take you to explore the water depths of the Rummu quarry at dusk with a lighted bottom motor raft and/or rubber rafts. This activity fits well into the evening program of a late summer-autumn event. We drive across the lake a little before sunset, land at the ash mountain, walk off at the top of the mountain, and after sunset we turn on the lighting of the raft and start walking back. Sit comfortably in the watercraft and enjoy the views. In the darkness of night, we get to know the underwater prison ruins, the sunken forest and other exciting things that lie in the depths of the water. With the help of the northern light, we can see the lake from a completely different side than we are used to during the day.

NB- We do these hikes in spring and autumn.

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The selection of hikes:

  • Lighted water trip by motor raft, with a visit to Ash Mountain
  • Lighted water trip with rubber rafts, with a visit to Ash Mountain
  • For larger groups, we organize a combined trip with a raft and rubber boats

Additional options:

  • Accommodation
  • Saunas
  • Seminar and party rooms
    Catering for groups

Recommendations: We always recommend wearing clothes and shoes suitable for the weather and the chosen activity. We recommend wearing winter clothes for the raft, be sure not to forget a hat and gloves.

Moments from hikes

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