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If you want to give a loved one something special that would leave the recipient with a positive emotion for a long time, Paekalda’s range of services will find a suitable solution for every taste.

All our services can be made as a gift and we can send it either by post or conveniently as a pdf file.

If you are not quite sure whether the recipient would prefer to dive between prison walls or instead spend a romantic evening with a partner in a barrel camping on the water, you can also order a general gift card in the currency of your choice, and the lucky recipient can later exchange it with us for a service that suits them.

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Wow-experience accommodation gift card in barrel camping for two 99.-

Gift a loved one an overnight stay at Paekalda’s overwater barrel camping, where you can fall asleep to the sound of lapping waves. The end wall of the campsite is made of glass, which gives the feeling as if you are spending the night in the middle of nature. It offers a wonderful view of the lake and the evening sunset.
In the grove, there are barbecue areas for preparing dinner and making a fire, the package also includes canoeing.

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Lighted hike with lanterns to Murru prison gift card 30.-

Have you been to a prison in the dark of night? We will take you on a tour of the abandoned Murru prison by lantern light in the late evening, when there are no other souls moving around and the gloomy atmosphere is especially well felt.
During the tour, together with the guide, we move through the gloomy buildings and cells of the Murru prison and listen to exciting stories about former prison life, all accompanied by a somewhat mysterious lantern light. And who knows, maybe we will manage to meet the last prisoner of Rummu, who, according to the villagers, can still be heard cutting stones on some dark nights…

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Lighted water hike gift card 40.-

We will take you to explore the water depths of the Rummu quarry at dusk with a lighted bottom motor raft and/or rubber rafts. In the darkness of night, we get to know the underwater prison ruins, the sunken forest and other exciting things that lie in the depths of the water. With the help of lighting, we can see the lake from a completely different side than we are used to during the day.

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Introdiving gift card 79.-

We will take you on an adventure into the depths of the Rummu Quarry!

Diving is a great pastime that does not require a lot of physical effort or special skills, but it does offer unforgettable experiences. To enjoy this activity, you do not need to have experienced diving before, it is also suitable for a complete beginner. All our packages include full equipment and take place safely under the guidance of instructors – you just come and enjoy!


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Rummu Quarry raft hike gift card for one 30.-, for two 60.-

Rafting and canoeing are fun team activities that everyone can afford. During the exciting hike, we pass over the underwater world, and as a stopover you can also visit the famous Rummu Ash Mountain and the area of ​​the prison walls.

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Rummu Quarry SUP board hike gift card 40.-

Gliding across the Rummu Quarry with a SUP board is pure joy. It is a relaxing activity that, after a little practice, is within the reach of most people. Choose a SUP hike as a gift and make someone’s summer day memorable

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Gift card "Day in the Rummu Quarry" with a raft and SUP board 59.-

A fun day at Rummu Quarry is the perfect gift for everyone 🙂 We will take you on pleasant trips with Paekalda rafts to the exciting places of Rummu Quarry and, in addition to the fun ride, we will also make a stop in the area of ​​Ash Mountain and the old prison ruins. There you can go on an adventure with SUP boards among the underwater ruins, if you wish, you can also go to the beach and climb Ash Mountain peak to enjoy the wonderful view.

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E-Bike hike gift card 59.-

Choose an electric bike tour on the paths of Rummu quarry, Murru prison and Padise monastery as a gift. New mountain bikes with extra-thick wheels with an electric motor are used as hiking equipment, with which traversing the trails does not require physical effort from the participant and is pure joy. The bike runs on the power of the engine, the hiker’s task is only to keep his/hers balance and enjoy the surrounding views. The hike is suitable for adults of all ages and young people from 12 years of age.

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