Summer days


Summer days

At Paekalda Holiday Center, we organize the most exciting summer days for your company!

Here is everything you need to organize successful summer days:

  • wonderful atmosphere on the shore of the Rummu quarry lake
  • party rooms and terraces for 150+ guests
  • accommodation and wow-experience accommodation for 120+ guests
  • a wide range of active activities to decorate the day
  • large 220 m2 sail tent with wooden terrace
  • raft saunas and hot tubs
  • tasty food

When you come to us, you don’t need an agency! We are very helpful in planning the event – both in setting the menu and the program. We help organize your event from start to finish.


Sample program of adventurous summer days:

  • Arrival and check-in at the lunch table
  • Water trip to Ash Mountain and underwater prison ruins
  • Rest break, accommodation
  • The program continues – group activities (E-bike hike on forest trails, diving…) or other activities
  • The smells of the barbecue floating in the air lead your thoughts in one direction – it’s time for dinner
  • Relaxing raft saunas and hot tubs are heated
  • The time for dancing  is coming
  • An exhilarating breakfast in the morning and memories of the best party




In our Activities Center, you can find suitable team activities for every group. When preparing an activity program, it is important to consider the interests and abilities of the participants, and our counselors can always recommend the best solutions for your group. A water trip on the Rummu Quarry is ideal for a joint activity, during which we go over crystal clear water and make a stop at the beautiful beach of Ash Mountain. With rafts, rafts, canoes and SUP boards, we can take up to 200 adventurers on the water at the same time.
It is also possible to make summer days unforgettable by adding a diving-snorkeling activity program or racing along exciting forest trails with large electric mountain bikes, where the electric motor makes the pace of the riders uniform and no one is left behind.

After the active part, it is ideal to spend the evening in relaxing raft saunas and hot tubs exchanging impressions, and after dinner, a rhythmic dance evening sets the mood. There is also room for larger groups to get together – we have several summer terraces and a large 200+m2 sail tent with a wooden floor.
The hit of the evening is the disco nights with a DJ and a dance instructor from Cuba – he is a master at getting the party going. Of course, you can also invite a band or play your own music – we can discuss all this together when we start planning your most memorable event.

During the whole event, we make sure that the guests are full and in a good mood. For dinner, we prepare various delicacies on a sizzling grill, and next to the sauna and late-night party, we serve rich snacks for every taste.
We have more than 100 accommodation places in holiday houses in individual beds during the summer season, and it is possible to increase this number with a camping area – we can find suitable solutions for both large and small groups.

Moments from summer days

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