Privacy terms

Privacy terms

Please read and familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions here.

Rummu Järv OÜ (hereafter Puhkekeskus) has undertaken to protect the privacy of customers and users. Accordingly, we have prepared these privacy policy principles, which deal with the collection, use, publication, transmission and storage of customer data. When processing the client’s personal data, Paekalda Puhkekeskus is based on valid national and European Union legislation.

Collection and use of personal data:

Personal data is data that the Puhkekeskus collects to identify a person, contact him and provide services. You are not obliged to share your personal data with us, but it is necessary so that we can continue to cooperate and provide the best service. The data is handled securely in compliance with the legislation.

Personal data is collected with the customer’s consent in the following ways:

  • When entering contact data through the contact form on our website (including name, postal address, telephone number, e-mail address), by e-mail or telephone, or when ordering services on site at the Holiday Center.
  • Paying for services by bank transfer
  • Through cookies, including digital data such as web cookies, log information, web notes, etc
  • Video recordings – when you visit the Holiday Center area where video cameras are located

To better serve users, the website of Rummu Järv OÜ uses cookies.

A cookie is a text file that is sent and stored on the user’s computer by the web pages that the user visits. The cookie is stored in the file directory of the user’s web browser. If the user has visited the web page before, the web browser reads the cookie and transmits the relevant information to the web page or element that originally stored the cookie. More information about cookies is available on the website

The user has the right to refuse to save cookies on the computer. If desired, the user must change the settings of his web browser. Different types of web browsers use different methods to disable cookies. More detailed information is displayed on the website

When blocking cookies, the user must take into account that all website functions may no longer be available to the user after blocking cookies.

Transfer of personal information:
We use partial data transfer through cookies in our work. We will not share your name, email, phone number. We use IP for transmission. This is so that we can use the programs we need in our marketing work. For example, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Hotjar. The programs use the information we transmit to evaluate the use of our site to improve your user experience. That the page would be just as good and even better and more convenient in the future.

If necessary, you can prevent this by disabling cookies on your computer, but as a result, you may not be able to use the functions of the page or you may be able to do so in a limited way.

Other links:
The pages of may contain links to third-party websites. has no responsibility for the content of these pages.

Security of your data on the website:
We use SSL certificates on our page, which make your user data secure. Your user data is encrypted. We host our page servers with a reliable service provider.

Video surveillance:
There is video surveillance on the territory of the recreation center. The existence of security cameras has been notified with a sign and in the rules of procedure of the Recreation Center. The responsible data processor is Puhkekeskus. When visiting the territory of the controller, the image of the visitor remains on the recordings of the surveillance cameras. The purpose of using video surveillance is the protection and safety of customers, commanding persons and employees; protection against property damage and loss; preventing illegal acts and ensuring effective investigation when they occur. Access to the video recordings is given to the management of the Puhkekeskus and persons authorized by him. We have the right to transfer your personal data to law enforcement authorities if necessary.

Information, modification or deletion of data:
Under the Federal Data Protection Act, you have the right to access your data and the right to change and delete it.

Right to information:
If you have any questions about our privacy protection policy or the processing of your personal data, feel free to contact us by e-mail at and you will be answered in accordance with applicable legislation.

We reserve the right to change the privacy policy if necessary. By starting to use our website, we assume that you have familiarized yourself with these principles and agree with them.

If you have any questions or concerns about the privacy policy or data processing, please contact us by email:

Rummu Järv OÜ
Aadress Uus 32, Keila
Register number: 11445142