Raft sauna “Puravik”

Raft sauna “Puravik”


Raft sauna "Puravik"

The raft sauna “Puravik” is the newest sauna on the water in Paekalda. “Puravik” is located with a small terrace next to the boat bridge of the main complex. “Puravik” can be rented in addition to the main complex for a whole evening or also as a separate one-hour sauna.
The pleasantly spacious oval steam room with its wood-burning heater can comfortably accommodate about 8 guests at the same time, and about the same number can also sit on the floating terrace in front of the sauna.
It is a true paradise for sauna connoisseurs, where the warming lake water awaits right in front of the steam room door.
After the sauna, it is possible to take a dip in the lake or take a warm shower either in the cabins of the main complex or in the shower complex a little further away.

The raft sauna “Puravik” can also be used in winter, when, depending on the weather, you can either jump into the nice cold water or climb into the ice hole.

Pictures of raft sauna "Puravik"

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